In-Library Exhibits


In-Library Exhibits


Displays hosted in the library space, including cases on first and lower levels.


Decker Library


Decker Library

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S.C. Malone Penmanship display
When viewing this exhibit, it's almost incomprehensible to realize that all of these images were drawn by hand. The precision and patience it took to create each piece is something at which to marvel. What you see is a mere sampling of the S.C.…

Black History/ Black Future display
This month in our cases we are showcasing artists' books and photographs centering on African American artists. Photographs on display juxtapoze contemporary works with early 20th century black photographers and images, while artists books build on…

Women&#039;s History Month: Artists’ Books Highlighting Female<br /><br />
Identified Issues and Themes
For Women's History Month, we have selected items from the Book Arts and Zine Collection that explore to gender, feminism, advocate for women's rights and equality, and highlight other themes specific to women's lives. All books and zines included in…

MICA Community Publications
For National Poetry month, this exhibit focuses on MICA's long tradition of writing, self-publishing, and book arts. Book arts has a broad definetion, encompassing artists' books, chapbooks, and zines (art zines, photo-zines, perzines, comics, etc.)…

Sophia L. Crownfield Textile Designs
Sophia Louise Crownfield was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1862. By 1889 she moved to New York City and soon began working as a designer for the textile industry, creating floral- and plant-based patterns for the women's dress silk trade. One…

William Henry Jackson Photochroms
Both a photographer and painter, William Henry Jackson is an early American artist whose work primarily documents the American West and Southwest of the late 1800s. He worked at various times for the Union Pacific and Baltimore & Ohio railroads,…

International Zine Month
At Decker Library we are celebrating July as International Zine Month. In the exhibition case are a range of zines, many from or about Baltimore. What are zines? Zines are usually self-published, DIY, non-profit, limited edition, folded or stapled,…

Comets, Comics, and Creation: Special Collections about Space
On August 21, 2017 Baltimore, along with all of North America, will be plunged into darkness as a solar eclipse covers the earth in the shadow of the moon. According to, it is the first time such a large-scale eclipse has fallen over the…

Exhibitions at MICA: The First 100 Years
Join us for an opening reception for Exhibitions at MICA: The First 100 Years, Thursday, September 7, 2017 from 4 to 6 p.m.! The exhibit runs through September.

A new exhibition in the Decker Library is the work of Shelby Stierhoff…

10th Annual MICA Sketchbook Day
This year the Departments of Drawing and Painting hosted their 10th Sketchbook Annual on Oct. 2, in which students and faculty were encouraged to show their musings, studies, notes, and doodles with the rest of the MICA campus.

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